〜How to make an appointment for online consultation〜

Flow of How to make an appointment by smartphone

Instruction video of how to make an appointment for Telemedicine
1.Access the Telemedicine appointment page.
Access the telemedicine appointment page. (https://yoshimori-clinic.com/
※Use your Facebook ID and password to log in to the platform.
2.Enter your membership information.
①Enter your birth date in 8 digits.

② Enter your registration number and log in.
※Registration numbers are issued only to those who have received information from the SUPERVISING ORGANIZATIONS in advance.
If you don’t know your login information, please contact your SUPERVISING ORGANIZATIONS.

③ After entering your registration number, press the “Enter” button to proceed to the next step.
3.Log in with your Facebook and allow contact with us.
3.1Please tap the “Send To Messenger” button to allow Yoshimori Clinic to contact you via messenger.

3.2 Once you have accepted the message, the “Next” button will appear. Click the “Next” button to proceed to the reservation screen.
4.Reply to us via Facebook Messenger and add our account as a friend.
4.1 Once logged in, we will be sent a message to your Facebook Messenger.
4.2 After receiving a message, please send “👍” for a reply to us.
4.3 Tap the URL sent to you in the message to add our account as a friend.
※From the 2nd reservation, the steps up to this point will be omitted.
5.Make an appointment for Telemedicine.
Tap “Telemedicine Appointment” to make an appointment.
6.Select the date and time you want to make an appointment.
Select the date and time you want to see our doctor.
7.Upload your public health insurance card of Japan (front and backside)
Please attach and upload the front and backside of your public health insurance card of Japan.
※Once you have uploaded your public health insurance card, from 2nd upload will be omitted.
8.Answers to the medical interview
Please answer your symptoms, treatment history, etc. according to the question form.
When you have finished answering all the questions, please confirm your answer and tap “Confirm” to proceed.
9.Reservation Completed.
You will receive your appointment details via Facebook Messenger when your appointment is complete. After receiving the message, our nurse or medical interpreter will contact you via Facebook Messenger, please reply to us with “👍”.
10.Contact from our nurse/medical interpreter
After you reply to us, our nurse/medical interpreter will ask you for more details about your symptoms. Available in your native languages (English, Khmer, Vietnamese, Chinese). You can contact me by phone call, text message, and voice message.
On the day of the Telemedicine, please join the online consultation (video phone call) via the URL received via Facebook Messenger.
Approximately 10 minutes before your appointment time, a nurse/medical interpreter will contact you to confirm that you are ready.
11.Start of Telemedicine
Tap on the Zoom URL sent to you via Facebook Messenger to start the online consultation.
※For iPhone users, please be sure to open Safari browser to start Telemedicine.